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Car Accident – Do and Don’ts

 When you take your car to the street, you have many things to remember to avoid accident.  Car drivers must not be absent minded. Nor is he required to lose patience.  The car driving ethics must be understood by a young car driver. Definitely, you have to apply common sense to reduce the risks of major or minor car accidents. Frankly speaking, you must be careful when you are on the road. It is not cool for you. Check the list of dos and don’ts to ensure the trouble free street navigation by your car.


  •  Holding your smart phone to face your mouth for conversation with sweetheart while driving the car is always risky. Don’t take the cell phone for using at the time of being in  your driving seat.
  • Don’t take marijuana joints or any other strong narcotic drug and even wine . Comatose or drowsiness must be detrimental to your health. It will make you weak, disturbed and distracted from concentrating on the street. Besides, your underwriter will take advantage by denying the higher compensation. For example, after car accident, don’t ask your insurance company to compensate you. It will make the insurance company cunning to assume in different way. They will take it as a willful act to drive after consuming drugs and narcotic elements. The insurance company will try to find faults with you using trickery. DUI case will be framed to charge you. You will get hurdles to ask for the claims. If they do, it would be beneficial to contact San Diego dui attorney.
  • Don’t become fatigued and frustrated after the occurrence of the road mishap. You will be broken in stress and despair. Weakness will eat into your mind. For this reason, doctors request victims not to create any chaos to make the situation more turbid and uncomfortable.


  •  Find the best medication and tools for restoring your energy after injury
  •  Call doctors  when you are not able to control your sudden pain
  • Bleeding is dangerous. Therefore, you have to request neighbors or passers-by to give you aids for easy health improvement.
  •  Instead of being worried and nervy, you should be bold to face the music. It is the time to showcase your boldness. If you have small kids, you must convince them by giving tips for better treatment.
  • Consume cool water. It boosts up your energy to enable you to stand firm on the ground.
  • In the event of collision with the other vehicle, you have to keep records about the loss of the property. You should go to the police station to lodge general diary and acknowledge the receipt of the GD report.
  • Estimate the loss of the property and in-car accessories. Later you have to submit papers to the insurance company for having the claims.
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Car accidents cause injury and loss. However, if you are wise with cool mind to evaluate the situation, difficult things seem to become easy for you to tackle. You must have lot of good ideas to escape from Catch 22 situation. In this regard, read blogs in which people have shared their vital experience how to get out of the tumultuous situation overtaking mountain of hurdles and be sure to contact umansky injury lawyers the best car accident attorneys.

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