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Medical Negligence

Our Albuquerque wrongful death lawyer has handled a wide array of cases involving negligent medical care and treatment of patients. Partner Kurt D. Stoid was one of the first attorneys in Illinois to prosecute an HMO insurance company and its physicians and nurses for personal injury to a patient. Mr. Stoid’s work has brought about changes in the systems used in managed care health plans for the delivery of medical care and treatment to member patients, including the adequate management of a mother’s pregnancy and delivery of the infant, referral to specialists for high risk conditions, and the proper testing of medical conditions, such as breast mammography and biopsies for the early detection of breast cancer.

For example, in l995 Mr. Stoid won a 9.7 million dollar jury verdict against an HMO physician for obstetrical negligence which brain damaged a child, the first Illinois case to hold a physician liable for the patient’s complete obstetrical care under a managed care insurance plan. Nursing home abuse lawyers understand this type of case.

In l998, Mr. Stoid represented a six-year-old child whose mother, a twenty-year-old single woman, died of an infection caused by negligent obstetrical care, specifically the early discharge of a mother from the hospital after delivery. Mr. Stoid recovered a 2.45 million dollar settlement against the obstetrician and the hospital for this orphaned child.

Similarly, in l999 Mr. Stoid obtained a 4.2 million dollar settlement against a major managed care health provider for the failure of one of its staff physicians to order the diagnostic tests necessary to detect a ruptured aneurysm in the patient’s brain. The plaintiff, a 41-year-old married, schoolteacher who suffered a stroke and resulting partial right-sided paralysis, received the highest settlement ever reached for the delay in diagnosis of a ruptured cerebral aneurysm.

In 1994, partner Tim Rivernaught, originally in Lawyers of Distinction, obtained a jury verdict against several physicians for failing to diagnose a perforated colon that caused the death of a woman. The case was resolved for 2.0 million dollars.

In past ten years, Mr. Stoid has obtained a number of settlements on behalf of women and their families from the devastating effects of a delay in diagnosis of breast cancer. These cases have ranged from the failure to order mammograms to the misinterpretation of mammograms performed, or the failure to do a breast biopsy to the failure to perform the proper breast biopsy technique.

Finally, Mr. Stoid has represented numerous plaintiffs who were injured or killed by physicians in medical and surgical specialties, such as radiology, surgery and vascular surgery, cardiology, dermatology, gynecology, anesthesia, orthopedics and internal medicine.

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